How Much Does an Ad Cost in the Las Vegas Sphere?

How Much Does an Ad Cost in the Las Vegas Sphere?

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 05, 2023

The newest Las Vegas Sphere has the world buzzing both online and offline for its unique architectural design and creative displays. 

Five years in the making, the monument was designed by the architectural company Populous and greatly funded by Madison Square Garden Company's CEO, James Dolan.

It took a staggering price of $2.3 billion to build it from start to finish, making it the most expensive entertainment venue in Las Vegas to date.

Standing 366 feet tall with an exterior sizing 580,000 square feet, the Sphere has garnered the attention of retail giants and loved establishments, hosting ads from Dreamworks to the NFL.

However, how much does cost to have an ad displayed on the dome-shaped arena?

The Cost of a Sphere Ad Placement

According to reports, the Sphere offers advertising on its expansive 1.2 million LED lights screen at a staggering rate of $450,000 per day or $650,000 per week. 

While the price point is steep, the arena also promises undoubtable visibility.

Investor and online personality Joe Pompliano revealed that the company estimates 4.7 million daily impressions on a single day, 300,000 of which are offline impressions, with 4.4 million coming from social media. 

Additionally, an influential X user revealed that the company's prices for ads are inclusive of a 90-second creative spot and can feature "anamorphic 3D creative."

Sphere Opened With a U2 Concert

The Sphere isn't only reinventing the future of 3D ads, it's also changing the concert experience.

Last weekend, the new arena opened its doors to guests for its first-ever concert run by the Irish rock band U2.

Throughout the show's runtime, immersive visuals adorned the Sphere's internal LED display.

Among the concert-goers were Amazon founder and multibillionaire Jeff Bezos, talk show host Oprah Winfrey, and NBA star Lebron James. 

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