Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Aids in Giving Dogs a Better Life

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Aids in Giving Dogs a Better Life

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 25, 2023

Is there anything the iPhone 14 Pro can't do?

One pet owner's inspiring story proves it's more than its state-of-the-art camera definition and fast performance.

Trip, a lonely puppy left in the shelter, was adopted by his owner Lydia when he was just four months old. However, despite his joyful personality, Trip suffered from an arm deformity that severely deteriorated his quality of life.

As veterinarians advised Lydia to consider euthanasia, the strong-willed pet owner decided instead to amputate Trip's arm.

To help Trip walk normally again, Lydia brought him to 3DPets, where they would create a custom prosthetic leg for him.

Using the iPhone 14 Pro's LiDAR scanner and TrueDepth camera, 3DPets was able to build a 3D model of Trip, to which was used in creating the custom design of his prosthetic arm.

Now, Trip lives a happy and normal life full of running, swimming, and playing fetch with the help of 3DPets and the iPhone 14 Pro.

Trip's story is part of Apple's "Shot on iPhone" campaign that highlights its camera's superior shooting and filming capabilities.

Aside from inspirational stories, the tech giant has also tapped on several artists to participate in its campaign.

Recently, K-pop girl group NewJeans released its music video "ETA" shot entirely on the iPhone 14 Pro.

The music video highlights the phone's features such as Action Mode which helps stabilize shots, and Cinematic Mode with 4k resolution.

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