Google to 'Supercharge' Assistant with Generative AI

Google to 'Supercharge' Assistant with Generative AI

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 01, 2023

Google is planning to upgrade its virtual software application Assistant with generative AI technology similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft's Bing Chat, Axios reported on Monday citing an internal email sent to employees.

According to the email, the company is exploring a "supercharged" Assistant powered by the latest LLMs, as it has "seen the profound potential of generative AI to transform people's lives."

"A portion of the team has already started working on this, beginning with mobile," it wrote.

However, in order to do this with "speed and focus," the tech giant will reorganize its teams working on Assistant by combining the Services and Surfaces teams and laying off "dozens" of workers in the process.

"We remain deeply committed to Assistant and we are optimistic about its bright future ahead," Google VP Peeyush Ranjan and director of product Duke Dukellis wrote in the e-mail obtained by Axios.

Assistant is the latest development from tech giants incorporating generative AI into their services.

Last month, Amazon launched the Generative AI Innovation Center that connects AI and machine learning experts with customers worldwide to help them create new AI products, services, and processes.

"The Generative AI Innovation Center is part of our goal to help every organization leverage AI by providing flexible and cost-effective generative AI services for the enterprise, alongside our team of generative AI experts to take advantage of all this new technology has to offer,” Matt Garman, Amazon’s senior vice president of sales, marketing, and global services explained.

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