Apple Employees Already Testing ChatGPT-Like AI Bot for Work

Apple Employees Already Testing ChatGPT-Like AI Bot for Work

News by Nikola DjuricNikola Djuric
Published: July 24, 2023

Apple has reportedly been using its ChatGPT-like AI chatbot to help employees prototype future features, summarize text and answer questions based on data it has been trained with.

According to Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, Apple isn't yet sure what it wants to do with its Apple GPT chatbot project on the customer-facing side.

However, the newsletter claimed on Sunday that the U.S. tech giant is looking for ways to expand the use of generative AI within its organization, with one possibility being giving the tool to its AppleCare support staff to better help customers dealing with issues.

Still, this feature won’t necessarily come soon, the report alleges, as the chatbot's tendency to get things wrong is well-known to Apple’s management. 

In a May earnings call, CEO Tim Cook confirmed the company needs to deal with several issues when it comes to AI without providing additional details.

Last week, another report revealed Apple was working on its own generative AI technology to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

The AI framework dubbed Ajax was created to unify the machine learning experience, which Apple will use to develop large language models (LLMs) and a chatbot nicknamed Apple GPT.

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