YSL Beauty Taps Into Web3 Technology for Newest Perfume Launch

YSL Beauty Taps Into Web3 Technology for Newest Perfume Launch

News by Marge Serrano
Published: February 02, 2023

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Beauty recently launched a two-part Web3 campaign, collaborating with Wunderman Thompson Frances and NFT platform Arianee for YSL’s latest perfume Black Opium le Parfum. 

The campaign, titled “Black Opium: The Night is Ours,” involves a two-part NFT series. Chapter One awards customers ownership of one of two NFTs, which provide access to different rewards, such as gift vouchers or curated beauty kits.  

Chapter Two has a more purpose-driven element. Owners of the YSL Beauty Block NFTs will then be granted access to a second round of NFTs designed in collaboration with a line-up of to-be-revealed female artists. The proceeds of these NFT sales will support the Abuse is Not Love program, a program dedicated to ending domestic violence.  

The online marketing campaign has demonstrated how retail and beauty brands can now integrate emerging Web3 technologies like NFTs into the online shopping experience. It may mark a resurgence for NFTs after the collapse of the larger market for blockchain-based tech.  

However, blockchain technology currently remains popular among marketers. Per Deloitte’s recent Global Marketing Trends report, 41% of surveyed marketers plan to use blockchain technology to support their advertising strategies this year.  

Similarly, Chief Digital and Marketing Office Diane Hecquet sees potential in such integrations. “This latest release [...] enables us to welcome a new audience into web3 and test the potential of NFTs when integrated into an online shopping experience,” said Hecquet. 

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