YouTube to Remove YouTube Stories Next Month 

YouTube to Remove YouTube Stories Next Month 

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: May 26, 2023

YouTube just announced that it will remove Stories, the in-app feature similar to Instagram Stories, starting on June 26. 

Stories was a tool that allowed users to post limited-time pictures and short-form videos which appear on their YouTube channel’s profile page.  

The video streaming platform said that Stories posted on their final day will expire seven days upon sharing.  

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As it announced the shutdown of Stories, YouTube emphasized its push towards promoting its other tools.  

“While Stories are going away, we’ve seen that both Community posts and YouTube Shorts are great alternatives that can deliver valuable audience connections and conversations,” the company said in a press statement.  

The online video sharing service also recently rolled out a “Community posts” feature that lets creators make polls, quizzes, filters and stickers to maximize their engagement.  

It also introduced new ad tools for Shorts giving brands and content marketers new ways to maximize the reach of their awareness campaigns.   

In the update, users can upload minute-long videos into their “Video reach campaigns,” have their ads be the first users will see in a viewing session, and more.  

YouTube is expecting to announce more features for both Shorts and Community posts throughout the year.  

“[We] are committed to investing in new and innovative tools to help you grow your audiences across YouTube,” it wrote. 

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