YouTube Tightens Policies Surrounding Fan Channels to Protect Creators

YouTube Tightens Policies Surrounding Fan Channels to Protect Creators

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: June 23, 2023

Video streaming platform YouTube is looking to protect original creators and artists as well as genuine fan channels with its latest policy update. 

In a blog post, the company explained that fan channels must make it obvious that their account doesn’t represent or impersonate actual creators, artists, or entities.  

“For example, channels claiming to be a 'fan account,' but actually posing as another's channel and reuploading their content would not be allowed,” the company wrote.  

Channels mimicking the names and avatars of another channel, with the difference in their usernames being a space or letters, will also not be allowed.  

The company explained that the update aims to ensure that viewers won’t confuse actual creators and artists with the fans that support them, as well as help creators prevent their name and content from being used for malicious purposes.  

All changes will roll out starting August 21, 2023.  

The update marks the first time the streaming service has created detailed rules for fan channels. Previously, it was only stated that these accounts were not allowed.  

However, with the new policy, fan accounts will now be required to declare that they are fan accounts and that they have no affiliation with the channels or people they support.   

With the latest update, the service seems to be prioritizing its creator market, beefing up both their protection and benefits. 

Last week, the company rolled out new ways for content creators to generate revenue, lowering the requirements needed for them to join the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP), and expanding its Shopping affiliate program.

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