YouTube Celebrates 2023's Best Ads

YouTube Celebrates 2023's Best Ads

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 21, 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, YouTube looks back on some of the year's most memorable ads, as well as the renowned brands that have captured the hearts of many. 

"In 2023, brands came to life in more stories across more formats and screens than ever before, showing that storytelling has no limits on YouTube," noted Anne Marie Nelson-Bogle, YouTube Vice President of Ads Marketing.

Apple's All-Star Ads

Apple's ads have had several moments throughout 2023, but some stood out more than others. 

In October, the tech giant dropped a 90-minute YouTube ad starring actress Storm Reid, as she runs her viewers through a calming study session.

In "Study With Me," Reid uses a productivity technique called pomodoro, which consists of 25 minutes of work and a five-minute break in between. She also studies using Apple's MacBook Air 15-inch, with relaxing lo-fi music playing in the background to stay focused along with her viewers.

On a more comedic note, YouTube also looked back on Apple's short Reel featuring 93-year-old Grandma Droniak, as she heads to the salon to look 70 again after receiving an upsetting text from her ex. 

Following her salon session, she pays up using Apple Pay's cashless systems, making it easy for her to look and feel young again. The video has since garnered over 156,000 likes, reaching virality status for its simplicity and charm.

Louis Vuitton's Fashion Show

Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton dropped a 20-minute fashion show on YouTube to promote its Fall Winter 2023 collection, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts. 

The show, embued with the "spirit of the inner child," boasts nostalgic imagery and dives deep into the impact of the digital age and universal human experiences. 

Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía graces the stage throughout the 20-minute runtime, setting the mood for the runway.

Pepsi Rises Up

Pepsi exemplified different styles and ways to advertise, but one stand-out was its popular "Rise up Baby" music ad in India.

True to the energetic spirit of the brand, the music video showcases a supercharged song and dance number featuring Indian actor Ranveer Singh, music producer Tanishk Magchi, and singer-songwriter Vishal Dadlani.

Pepsi's music video stands as one of the year's most-viewed ads of the year, garnering over 250 million views since it was posted in February. 

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