You Can Now Download Instagram Reels

You Can Now Download Instagram Reels

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: November 24, 2023

Meta's Instagram has finally introduced a feature that many of its users have long been asking for: the ability to download Reels.

Users may download Reels through the "share" option, where a "download" button will appear beside the "copy link" button. Once a Reel is downloaded, Instagram will flash a notification informing the users that the downloaded Reel isn't for commercial use. 

Only publicly posted Reels may be downloaded. Additionally, only Reels containing the original sound will be downloaded with its audio, while Reels using licensed music will be downloaded without the sound. 

Meanwhile, creators can opt not to make their Reels downloadable through their Privacy settings. 

The feature was first introduced to U.S. users back in June, with the goal of eventually rolling it out worldwide.

Instagram Continues To Roll Out New Features

The new features follow recent developments Instagram has introduced to improve user experience.

In recent weeks, Meta's social media platform introduced a feature that lets users choose the audience of their posts, whether it's to their public followers or their close friends list — a feature Elon Musk's X had recently removed from its platform.

Instagram is also working on allowing users to disable read receipts from direct messages (DMs), giving them more privacy. As of now, the feedback-driven feature is still being tested.

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