amp's Launch of 'Sonic Hub' Spotlights Crucial Role of Sound Branding for Businesses

amp's Launch of 'Sonic Hub' Spotlights Crucial Role of Sound Branding for Businesses

News by Joanna Nodado
Published: May 26, 2023

WPP-backed sound branding company amp has launched "Sonic Hub," a solution designed to help brands create "immersive Super Sonic experiences" for their customers.

As podcasts, digital music, and immersive entertainment continue to soar in popularity, amp recognizes the increasing importance of superior sonic management and creative audio output on a global scale.

The introduction of "Sonic Hub" underscores the crucial role of sound branding in the success of businesses, providing them with a powerful tool to captivate audiences and leave a lasting sonic impression.

Sonic Hub: Importance of Sound Branding in Business

Insider Intelligence reports Americans now spend over 100 minutes actively engaged with digital audio daily — surpassing time spent on social media, TV, and mobile video streaming. This highlights the unique effectiveness of digital audio in bridging cultural and age gaps.

Sonic Hub enables brands, including creative agencies, to maximize their sonic assets and consistently implement branded audio across digital channels and global markets. It streamlines the process of quantifying, qualifying, creating, and implementing music into marketing and communications strategies.

The three core tools of Sonic Hub are Sonic Radar, Sonic Check, and Sonic Space.

  • Sonic Radar assists brands in defining their audio and sonic assets, enhancing video content and user experiences.
  • Sonic Check provides an audio testing solution, enabling brands to measure the impact of sonic assets on attributes such as brand recall and emotional engagement.
  • Sonic Space is a customizable cloud-based music repository that supports brands' journey to Super Sonic experiences, offering advanced filters and AI-based neural analysis.

Michele Arnese, Global CEO of amp sonic branding, emphasizes the game-changing nature of Sonic Hub in delivering data-driven insights and cutting-edge generative AI tools while also revolutionizing an ROI-focused sonic branding.

"Brands will now have the capability to research and compare their sound, test and plan across markets, and manage and expand upon their sonic productions," she further explained.

As brands strive to differentiate themselves in the market, Sonic Hub opens the path for exceptional sonic experiences across diverse industries and media touchpoints.

By leveraging Sonic Hub, brands can unleash the potential of sound to captivate audiences, enhance market positioning, and drive customer engagement.

WPP acquires sonic branding company 'amp' 

Just last month, WPP announced the acquisition of amp. According to the creative transformation agency, this acquisition strengthens its experiential branding capabilities and its ability to create high-quality, differentiated sound experiences for clients. 

"The acquisition of amp enhances our offer to clients, helping them create immersive experiences that engage consumers on a deeper level and drive their competitive advantage," stated WPP CEO Mark Read.

The agency believes, amp's expertise, including its unique Sonic DNA design approach and AI toolset Sonic Hub, will enhance WPP's brand and design consultancy, Landor & Fitch, in delivering immersive brand identities and setting brands apart in a competitive marketplace.

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