Wise Celebrates 16 Million Customer Milestone with New Look and Products

Wise Celebrates 16 Million Customer Milestone with New Look and Products

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 03, 2023

Global fintech company Wise celebrated reaching 16 million customers by unveiling a complete brand makeover while also launching its two new products exclusive to US-based customers. 

In a newsroom post, Wise co-founder and CEO Kristo Käärmann explained the inspiration behind the brand design refresh.Our new look is inspired by the millions of people and businesses worldwide that use Wise today. It draws from where they come from, but also represents the excitement of the world open for them to conquer,” he shared.  

The post revealed that the new logo would feature a fresh green palette and a bolder font drawing from global currencies, languages, alphabets and places worldwide. Wise said this brand redesign was made to make the customer experience consistent regardless of language or area.  

Wise New Design (Source: Wise Newsroom)

“The look also underscores Wise’s mission to build money without borders and its ambition to create a fast, convenient, cost-effective and transparent global alternative to the traditional correspondent system,” the post added. 

The mobile finance app is also rolling out the US-exclusive Wise Business card, an extension of the Wise Account, aimed at “freeing businesses from the hassle and hidden fees typically faced when spending abroad.”  

While the digital card is available now to LLCs and sole proprietors, the digital and physical card is expected to be available to all US businesses “in the near future.”  

Wise also launched a new app feature that will allow U.S. customers to send money to a recipient without knowing the details of their bank account. According to the post, this can be done through a link where the recipient can input their details before receiving the money. 

Meanwhile, the company also announced a new partnership with the IT service management company AvidXchange to bring faster, cheaper, efficient and transparent payments to U.S. businesses through the Wise Platform.  

Wise has also partnered with G-P (Globalization Partners), Ramp, and Brex in the last 30 days. “With more than 60 banks and large businesses, including GooglePay, Deel and Monzo, partnering with Wise Platform globally, this sector of Wise is steadily expanding and building exciting integrations with incredible partners,” it added. 

As a fast-expanding global service, Wise has garnered an estimated 6 million active users around the world, moving over £25 billion each quarter. The payment app also welcomes around 100,000 new users every week.  

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