Whiskas Launches 'Meowzers' for Those In Search of the 'Perfect Dog'

Whiskas Launches 'Meowzers' for Those In Search of the 'Perfect Dog'

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 26, 2024

Whiskas has unveiled a new initiative that aims to change the way people adopt pets.

Titled "Meowzer," the brand's campaign was made in response to the growing challenge of pet homelessness, rebranding shelter cats as the ideal companion for individuals seeking the qualities of a dog without the associated responsibilities.

Using Search to Find the 'Perfect Dog'

An increasing number of people are searching for pets that resemble dogs but require less maintenance and can stay at home independently.

To address this, Meowzer leverages creative SEO techniques to redirect online searches for the perfect dog to the dedicated Meowzer website, where visitors can discover more about the new "dog" breed.

Using AI and matching algorithms similar to those found in dating apps, Whiskas ensures that each Meowzer is paired with the most compatible adopter.

Bianca Malcolm, spokesperson for Whiskas, emphasized the importance of addressing this demand in a playful yet responsible manner.

"Rehoming a pet is difficult for both pets and pet parents, so it's pivotal that pets are matched with their parents' lifestyle," added Malcolm. 

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Founder of the cat rescue charity 9 Lives Orphanage, Alisha Sinclair, expressed appreciation for Whiskas' innovative approach in addressing the challenges faced by animal shelters during peak breeding seasons.

"January through to April are the busiest breeding months for cats and many shelters will be almost at bursting point," shared Sinclair. 

"Cats can offer the same level of companionship but without many of the demands that come with dog ownership. We love that, through Meowzer, the Whiskas brand is encouraging people to think about responsible pet ownership during this busy period."

Whiskas has enlisted the support of both cat and dog owners to spread awareness of the Meowzer breed's benefits across social media platforms.

Influential figures like Elias Weiss Friedman, Founder of The Dogist, and popular audio creator Puppysongs have helped boost the campaign's momentum through endorsements.

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