WhatsApp Might Soon Let Users Update Status on Web

WhatsApp Might Soon Let Users Update Status on Web

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 26, 2023

In a recent update to the beta version, WhatsApp Web is rolling out an enhanced feature that allows users to post status updates directly from the web interface.

Status updates were introduced to WhatsApp in 2020, a feature first introduced by other messaging services such as Snapchat and Telegram. Until now, this feature was limited to the primary Android phone or iPhone, excluding users of WhatsApp Web.

The expansion builds upon WhatsApp's linked device connectivity, which initially began with WhatsApp Web.

This feature enabled users to access their accounts on any device with a web browser, offering users more options to share files and have access to their accounts. Over time, the support for linked devices extended to tablets, desktop apps and secondary smartphones.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp Web introduces a notable addition to its functionality.

Testers at WABetaInfo discovered that users can now create and share status updates directly from the web interface, removing the need to transfer images and videos to the primary smartphone before posting them as status updates.

WhatsApp Web new feature arrives in beta

Although currently in a limited beta test phase, insiders anticipate that the messaging platform will prepare for a wider rollout of the feature.

The beta update closely follows WhatsApp's recent testing of status-sharing support for companion devices within its Android beta.

Once restricted by multi-device constraints, this feature will be useful to WhatsApp users who often work or browse the internet on their computers.

With status updates now available on WhatsApp Web, users can easily share moments without constantly switching between their mobile devices and computers. This ensures a consistent user experience, making it simpler for users to stay connected with their contacts.

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