WhatsApp’s 3D Billboard Boasts Top-Notch Security

WhatsApp’s 3D Billboard Boasts Top-Notch Security
Published: October 18, 2022

The “Message privately with layers of protection” mantra is at the core of WhatsApp’s latest advertising campaign.

In the previous week, London's Piccadilly Lights billboard displayed WhatsApp's 3D ad, letting the passers-by know that one of the best-known instant messaging services, owned by Meta, was upping its security game.

Over the course of the last week, people walking by the famous Picadilly Lights in London were able to see a sequence of messages and designs showcasing WhatsApp’s security features.

The 3D billboard alternated between touting WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption to praising 2-step verification.

“Online Presence: Only be seen by who you want.”

“2-Step Verification: PIN protection that helps prevent intruders.”

“End-to-end Encryption: Personal messages no one can see or hear.”

“Disappearing Messages: Chats that vanish when you want them to.”

These are just some of the messages that appeared on WhatsApp’s 3D billboard, but they capture the core of WhatsApp’s latest improvements to its privacy features.

End-to-end encrypted backups and blocking unwanted contacts are some of the other noteworthy security measures WhatsApp has implemented.

The 3D visuals that accompany WhatsApp’s newest digital marketing campaign reinforce the “Message privately with layers of protection” brand slogan. Animations of bank safes closing, impenetrable steel mechanisms locking and doors and windows closing flashed across the 3D billboard, hammering home WhatsApp’s message of commitment to safety and privacy.

WhatsApp’s 3D billboard ad is only one part of a broader advertising campaign, spanning multiple platforms and collaborations with partners simultaneously.

Through partnerships with several Twitch streamers, WhatsApp was able to get in front of a fairly large audience.

By allowing the streamers to activate a "Privacy Mode timeout" when they felt like taking a break from streaming, WhatsApp was able to run an in-stream retro mini-game that relies on chat to target onscreen privacy intruders.

In the online game Roblox, WhatsApp "Privacy Rangers," a group of heroic-looking characters, patrolled the virtual world, symbolizing safety and security while successfully carrying out the brand’s in-game advertising strategy.

Media partnerships with Hearst and The Players’ Tribune helped solidify WhatsApp’s message even further, culminating in the aforementioned week-long Picadilly Lights display.

“We’re excited to see the next phase of our global campaign, a continuation of our 'Message Privately' narrative from last year, rollout across the U.K.," said Vivian Odior, WhatsApp’s global head of brand, in a statement.

“Following the introduction of three new features on WhatsApp, this campaign shows how WhatsApp’s features provide interlocking layers of protection and give users full control over the level of privacy they are seeking. With both outdoor and digital placements, we want to highlight the closeness that’s possible on WhatsApp when you can message confidently and worry-free in a secure space.”

WhatsApp’s concerted effort at increasing safety and privacy on the network is most welcome, as there is much distrust between users and brands handling their personal information.

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