Wendy’s Brings Back Iconic ‘Where’s The Beef?’ Slogan in New Campaign

Wendy’s Brings Back Iconic ‘Where’s The Beef?’ Slogan in New Campaign

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: February 21, 2023

Where’s the beef? Wendy’s may have the answer with the return of the iconic slogan in a new campaign for the fast-food restaurant chain. 

The “Where’s The Beef?” revival kicked off with a collaboration between Wendy’s and Nascar driver Noah Gragson, with who they first partnered in 2020. Gragson’s No. 42 Chevy Camaro featured a custom design by Wendy’s, featuring an image of the chain’s recognizable cheeseburger on the hood and Wendy herself wearing a racing helmet and goggles on the sides of the car.  

The words “The Beef” appear on the Chevy Camaro’s hood along with the cheeseburger, offering an answer to “Where’s The Beef?” 

In an attempt to use nostalgia to attract both older and younger audiences, Wendy’s has relaunched the iconic catchphrase for a fourth time since it first appeared in 1984.  

The original spot titled “Fluffy Bun” featured three elderly women discovering that a large hamburger bun had next to nothing to offer, lifting the fluffy top bun to uncover a surprisingly tiny beef patty.  

Word of the cheeky advertisement quickly spread far and wide, in part for its use of the slogan as well as for addressing Wendy’s competitors Burger King and McDonald’s by name.  

“Where’s The Beef?” was revived for three subsequent campaigns in the last decade. However, none left a memorable mark despite the slogan becoming a pop-culture phrase commonly used in everyday jargon.  

“All these years later, we still believe people should be asking more for their hamburgers. So, it’s time to revisit the past with a fresh take to remind fans – when you see the square, you taste the difference. We’ve got some things in our marketing playbook to bring the beef to the biggest stages this year,” said US chief marketing officer for Wendy’s Carl Loredo. 

Despite previous “Where’s The Beef?” campaigns falling flat, this one could hold more potential with more surprises yet to come. 

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