Welltory’s HRV Tracking May Be Helpful in Detecting Early Signs of Diseases

Welltory’s HRV Tracking May Be Helpful in Detecting Early Signs of Diseases

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 27, 2023

Health and wellness app Welltory is exploring the potential of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in detecting early signs of diseases. 

In an interview with DesignRush, Welltory CEO and co-founder Jane Smorodnikova shared the company’s plans to push the boundaries of health and fitness apps with the use of HRV.  

“Currently, we are exploring the potential of HRV to detect the early signs of different clusters of diseases, including depression, and the first results are promising,” she explained.  

Welltory makes use of Heart Rate Variability to accurately tell a user’s health metrics: stress levels, physical fitness, the effects of exercise, meditation and sleep. The app then uses that data to help users improve their health and fitness. 

“In contrast to data aggregators like Apple Health and Cardiogram, Welltory does not merely collect data and display it in charts or trend analysis. Instead, we convert data into meaningful insights and provide personalized recommendations and careful touch,” Smorodnikova explained.  

The mobile application also makes use of HRV data to help predict a user’s potential health risks. “Our focus is on preventative health, keeping users fulfilled and providing early interventions should health concerns arise,” she added.  

In a study by the University of Coimbra, Welltory’s HRV was used to detect early signs of COVID-19. Though it is not a diagnostic tool, it was used as an alternative at-home test for COVID-19 and proved to be a good indicator of potential health issues. 

Smorodnikova also shared the company's plans moving forward. According to her, Welltory is currently consulting with various telehealth companies to find beneficial passes that would allow Welltory to provide its users with medical consultations.  

“[If] the user shows signs of depression, we can advise them to consult a therapist through one of our partner's apps,” she explained. 

Other plans of the company include developing AI-generated sleeping content, improving the app’s sports and sleep domains, and exploring partnerships with a cadiology company.  

“Whether it's helping people sleep better, train smarter, or navigate their health more effectively, Welltory is dedicated to helping people live their best lives.” 

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