Walmart’s Black Friday Ad Is a Nostalgia-Fueled Fun

Walmart’s Black Friday Ad Is a Nostalgia-Fueled Fun

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: November 23, 2023

Retail giant Walmart has embraced the enduring popularity of the 2004 cult classic film Mean Girls in its ongoing Black Friday campaign.

The campaign, which includes three ads and one short film, features the five original cast members reprising their roles and a cameo from Missy Elliott. With praises from old and new audiences all around, it aims to tap into consumer nostalgia and stands as a classic example of moment marketing.

Let's break down the reasons that make this campaign "so fetch"!

Nostalgia as a Marketing Tool

Mean Girls is a film that has become a cultural touchstone for millennials, providing the ideal backdrop for Walmart's nostalgic approach.

The retail giant is leveraging familiarity to evoke positive emotions from a generation that experienced both analog childhoods and tech-savvy adulthoods, hitting two birds with one stone.

This nostalgia marketing tactic is particularly significant during the holiday season, as millennials, now the largest group of adults in the U.S., are expected to drive consumer spending.

The Power of ‘Deal Book’ in Holiday Sales

Walmart's departure from traditional Black Friday promotions introduces a unique "deal book," a curated selection of holiday promotions reminiscent of Mean Girls' "burn book."

This strategy nods to the film's theme and circles back to its dominant marketing tactic — connecting with millennials through nostalgia.

Leveraging the appeal of Mean Girls, Walmart aims to create a personalized shopping experience, going beyond attention-grabbing to emotionally engage consumers and drive holiday sales.

This shift reflects a strategic move to stand out in the holiday retail landscape, potentially setting a new precedent for how brands approach holiday marketing.

Riding the Mean Girls Wave

The timing of Walmart's Black Friday ad is strategic, dropping a week before the release of the first trailer for the upcoming Mean Girls remake.

While the film and Walmart's campaign are not formally connected, the inevitable association has created a buzz, with some users even expressing their preference for Walmart's ads over the trailer for the new film.

As anticipation builds for Black Friday sales figures, Walmart's Mean Girls-themed campaign emerges as a calculated move that extends beyond conventional advertising.

By creating a buzz that resonates with its customer base, Walmart appears to have crafted a Black Friday strategy that goes beyond discounts and deals.

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