Volkswagen Brazil Takes Revenge on Germany with 7 “Gols”

Volkswagen Brazil Takes Revenge on Germany with 7 “Gols”

Published: December 05, 2022

Volkswagen Brazil decided to send seven 2014 model “Gols” to Germany ahead of its first match at the Qatar World Cup as part of the AlmapBBDO agency’s campaign.

It’s been eight years since Germany beat Brazil at the World Cup with a downright excruciating 7-1 score. Brazilian soccer fans still remember that 2014 game to this day. The 7 “gols”, which happens to be the Portuguese word for “goal,” had shaken up the Brazilian team’s net, as well as the entire land of soccer to its core. The 7 “gols” also left a debt that needs settling.

It seems appropriate that the Portuguese word “gol” represents both the goal scored in the game of soccer, the actual physical goal which stands 2.44 meters high and 7.32 meters wide, and the favorite Brazilian car ever made — Volkswagen Gol.

Since Brazil was unable to pay Germany back for such a score and restore the soccer universe to balance, AlmapBBDO and Volkswagen have taken it upon themselves to do just that.

Volkswagen Gol is to be discontinued this December, marking its final month in production and the end of an era for some. The digital marketing agency and car maker duo decided to make this momentous occasion even grander by using it as an opportunity to settle the debt.

In yet another act of historical reparation, Volkswagen decided to ship seven units of the car's 2014 model from Brazil to Germany before the South American country’s first game at Qatar World Cup. In other words, Brazil just sent seven Gols back to Germany, and AlmapBBDO even made a spot about it.

“Let’s go Brazil” Volkswagen calls in the ad.

“This is a stunt that only Volkswagen could pull off. We wanted to thank Brazilians for all the love they've given us, and we wanted to do it now, at such an important time for the country: the World Cup. We're going to return seven 2014-model Gols to Germany to show that Brazilians can poke fun at themselves, and to wish the Brazilian national team the best of luck!" said the team at AlmapBBDO.

The Gol car, which was a runaway success in Brazil, is giving way to Polo Track, Volkswagen’s new entry-level model.

“After such a long and remarkable history, the Gol couldn't go off without a send-off. And it had to go off in style,” said Fernando Duarte of AlmapBBDO.

Gols will get one final ride around Germany before being sent to the company’s headquarters.

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