Vimeo Announces First Line of Generative AI Tools Launching in July

Vimeo Announces First Line of Generative AI Tools Launching in July

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: June 20, 2023

Video experience platform Vimeo just announced its first set of tools powered by generative AI, enabling users to film videos in one take and edit in seconds.  

Launching in July, the AI-powered video creation suite will come with a wide range of new features designed especially for video production companies, scriptwriters, and content creators.  

With an all-new AI-powered script generator, users can create a polished video script in seconds just by prompting the tool with a brief description and indicating their preferred tone and video length.  

The suite will also come with a personalized teleprompter to help users act more naturally in front of the camera. In addition, users may also customize the font size and pace of the text on display according to their needs. 

Lastly, the new suite will come with a text-based video editor that automatically deletes filler words, long pauses, and “awkward moments.”   

Through these tools, Vimeo hopes to let users quickly create highlight reels, host virtual events or company meetings, export clips for short marketing videos, and clean up high profile videos before sharing.  

Vimeo Chief Product Officer Ashraf Alkarmi said this was just the beginning of the video service’s integrated AI video strategy. “We’re clearly only scratching the surface of what AI can accomplish for organizations and the people within them,” he explained in a press release.  

Vimeo’s AI tools will be available next month and will be free for all Vimeo users subscribed to a standard or pro subscription plan.

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