Valtteri Bottas Shows How 'Aussie' He Is in New Uber Spot

Valtteri Bottas Shows How 'Aussie' He Is in New Uber Spot
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 21, 2024

F1 star Valtteri Bottas is embracing his inner Aussie in a viral new spot for the ride-hailing platform, Uber Carshare. 

The spot, titled "Valtteri Bottas' Aussie 'Second' Car," opens with the Finnish racing driver talking directly to his viewers as he describes his "very fast and very shiny" car.

While it has its perks, Bottas shares that it is not built for the famous Aussie lifestyle.  

"And I love the famous Aussie lifestyle," he stresses, referring to the country's fashion and food, as well as driving around in the Down Under. 

This love has led him to buy his second car customized especially for his "second home."

The F1 driver then proceeds to describe it and all the quirks that come along with it, like bike and roof racks, a built-in pie oven, a mullet drier, and even a shower in the trunk.

An infographic shows the details of Bottas' second car available on Uber Car Share.
Bottas' 'Second Car' Available on Uber Carshare | Source: Uber

"I'm going to be busy raising my first car, so I put this baby on Uber Carshare. You can rent it for free, as I am very rich already," Bottas hilariously tells the viewers, closing the spot.

Embracing the 'Aussie'

Last year, the former Mercedes member underwent a transformation, embracing an Aussie persona complete with a mullet and a fondness for Victoria Bitter beer during a trip to Melbourne.

This shift was partly inspired by his four-year relationship with Australian professional cyclist Tiffany Cromwell.

Netizens have shared their thoughts on Bottas' latest ad, with French F1 driver Pierre Gasly calling him "a legend," while others praise his persona and comedic nature.

Uber Carshare Co-founder Will Davies explains the idea behind the marketing campaign and Bottas' overly equipped "Second Car" in a press release.

“We know Aussies love to get away during the Easter long weekend and school holidays, but their first car may not be adequate for their plans – perhaps it’s too small to fit a bunch of mates in the back, doesn’t have roof racks, or simply does not have the amenities you need for a trip up to the mountains."

"That’s where Uber Carshare comes in. We’re Australia’s home of second cars – over 10,000 road-trip-worthy cars available across Australia and bookable in minutes,” he added.

Fans and commuters can actually book Bottas' "Second Car" on Uber Carshare, together with 10 other vehicles that have recieved the “VB seal of roadtrip-approval.”

Meanwhile, F1 just launched a new campaign with Heineken.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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