Brands Make the Most of Valentine's Day Advertising Opportunities

Brands Make the Most of Valentine's Day Advertising Opportunities

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: February 15, 2023

Shortly after the Super Bowl, advertising’s biggest event of the year, Valentine’s Day is the next-best opportunity for brands to create themed and limited-edition offers, pushed into the spotlight with creative advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Spotlight looks into some of the brands exploring the day of love and making the most of an advertising opportunity.


Babybel wants to make sure your first time is memorable. The snack brand is placing more focus on plant-based cheese and its Valentine’s Day campaign aims to motivate aspiring vegans to try the new edition of Babybel.

The brand teamed up with actors (and married couple) Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen to promote the release of a limited-edition heart-shaped, vegan Babybel cheese box with the slogan “You never forget your first time.” The kit also includes two matching robes, a cozy blanket, a snack board and wine glasses.

The Valentines Day campaign is sure to intrigue consumers, vegan or not!

Married couple eating vegan Babybel cheese in green robes
(Source: Babybel)


As if Brach’s isn't romantic enough as it is, the conversational hearts candy brand Brach’s also introduced a series of limited-edition sweets.

Drawing on inspiration from one of the most famous sitcoms in history, the brand introduced Friends-themed candies in partnership with Warner Bros Discovery Global Consumer Products. Including iconic catchphrases like “On a break” and “Ur my lbstr,” Brachs’ Valentine’s Day collaboration is sure to sell out fast.

Friends-themed Brach's candy package for Valentine's Day
(Source: Brach's)


The floral delivery service company took advertising to the next level with an unscripted spot titled “A Teleflora Love Story: Mrs. Miller.” The spot follows elementary school teacher Mrs. Miller as she enters her classroom and finds a surprise Teleflora Valentine’s Day bouquet from her students. As one of her students reads a poem about how important the teacher is to her, each student gifts her a unique Teleflora bouquet.

This may not be a love story between a couple but it shows an authentic love and appreciation between a teacher and her students. The Teleflora Valentine’s Day bouquet was simply there to leverage this inspiring moment. The spot was featured on all social media channels and even utilized TikTok to spread the word of the company’s unique Valentine’s Day offer.

Budweiser and Urban Stems

It may seem like an unlikely team but so are most love stories. Budweiser partnered with floral gifting company Urban Stems for “This Bud’s for you,” a limited-time-only offer to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The collaboration between Budweiser and Urban Stems comes to life in the shape of red roses arranged in a Budweiser-branded pitcher.

Red roses in branded Budweiser pitcher
(Source: Budweiser)


“Love Potion Number 31” takes the cake as Baskin-Robbins' flavour of the month for February and it’s no coincidence that it coincides with Valentine’s Day. The chocolate and raspberry-flavored ice cream is decorated with chocolate hearts, making it an appealing dessert for anyone celebrating the holiday. The ice cream brand has also introduced a special product this month, the “Crazy For You” heart-shaped cake.

Chocolate and raspberry Baskin-Robbins ice cream
(Source: Baskin-Robbins)
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