V&A Museum Launches Treasure Hunt to Engage TikTok Gen

V&A Museum Launches Treasure Hunt to Engage TikTok Gen

Published: March 13, 2024

The V&A Museum in London has launched an interactive campaign to attract the TikTok generation in the form of a unique treasure hunt.

Spanning a history of 172 years, the V&A Museum hosts over 2.8 million objects across a wide array of creative fields.

With its latest brand campaign, the family of museums wants to let the younger generations know that museums can also be modern, interesting and fun.

‘If You’re Into It, It’s in the V&A’

The "If You're Into It, It's in the V&A" campaign, in collaboration with creative agency adam&eveDDB, aims to dispel the notion that the museum is solely focused on traditional art forms, which may seem boring to the TikTok generation.

“That audience doesn’t think museums are relevant to them; they’re seen as old-fashioned institutions that don’t reflect their interests,” Stuart Williams, senior planner at adam&eveDDB, told Adweek.

This latest campaign showcases the vast and surprising collection the V&A Museum houses that includes niche interests like Dr. Martens boots, tattoos, Crocs sandals, Bollywood, acid house, and even AI.

The name of the campaign that also acts as its tagline, "If You're Into It, It's in the V&A," fits perfectly with the goal and execution.

The V&A has also strategically placed ads in niche publications and print ads in locations relevant to the target audience.

The ‘If You’re Into It, It’s in the V&A’ campaign's print ad features Dr. Martens located at a shopping district.
The V&A Museum's ‘If You’re Into It, It’s in the V&A’ Print Ad | Source: V&A, adam&eveDDB

Social media, of course, plays a crucial role, with the campaign specifically targeting the TikTok generation.

Gaming influencer Shlottie will have her avatar within the popular video game Grand Theft Auto Online wear clothing displaying the campaign tagline as she does a livestream on Twitch today.

Schlotties GTA Online character sports a jacket with the campaign's tagline.
Schlottie's GTA Character With the Campaign Tagline | Source: V&A, adam&eveDDB

“This campaign positions the V&A as having something in its collection for you no matter what you’re into,” adam&eveDDB Creative Director Mark Shanley explained.

“What are you into? Football? Fashion? Flappy Bird? Yes, they’re all in the V&A. Jewellery. Yep. Star Wars? Loads of it. The world’s oldest, most beautiful, and historically important carpet. Yes, they have that too. And 2.8 million other things,” he added.

A Treasure Hunt Catering to Niche Passions

The latest execution in the campaign is a real-life treasure hunt.

The V&A and adam&eveDDB partnered with creators to produce objects that reflect a wide range of interests, from gaming and soccer to pottery and knitting.

These objects have been placed around the UK in locations frequented by enthusiasts.

For instance, bookworms might be surprised to find a 120-year-old book tucked away in a vintage shop; and knitting enthusiasts attending The Stitch Festival might encounter a piece created by young artisan Onyinye Achusiogu.

A 100-year-old book is hidden at a vintage shop for treasure hunters to find.
A 100-Year-Old Book at a Vintage Shop | Source: V&A, adam&eveDDB

Theatergoers in London could discover a message engraved on a seat plaque, while metal detectorists might unearth a hidden treasure — a 100-year-old tankard.

Even bespoke tailors get in on the act, with some offering embroidered pocket squares featuring the campaign message. These are just a few examples, with many more hidden objects waiting to be found in unexpected locations.

Each object displays the campaign message, "If You're Into It, It's in the V&A," and a QR code, allowing discoverers to learn more about related items within the V&A's collection.

By showcasing the breadth of its collection through an interactive treasure hunt, the V&A hopes to surprise and engage the younger generation, demonstrating that the museum has something to offer everyone, wherever their interests may lie.

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