Urban Outfitters Dives Into the Holiday Spirit With a Gen-Z Campaign

Urban Outfitters Dives Into the Holiday Spirit With a Gen-Z Campaign

Published: November 20, 2023

Urban Outfitters is diving into the holiday spirit, blending the online and offline worlds for a sensational experience.

With "Gifts That Make Sense," a Gen Z-focused campaign, the brand breathes life into its offerings through captivating CGI and impactful out-of-home features. 

Leveraging CGI to reimagine products amid cultural conversations, the brand collaborates with artist Andre Rucker, transforming its flagship store into a canvas for a Metallic Puffer Throw Blanket animation.

Shared on Instagram and TikTok, this playful content quickly amassed over a million views in a single day.

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The campaign's journey continues with Urban Outfitters amplifying smaller seasonal items through CGI, featuring animated Smiski figures on social media.

The grand finale involves a giant Sonny Angel figure floating by the Herald Square store during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

Urban Outfitters strategically aligns its campaign with the New York City Marathon, a monumental event hosting over 50,000 runners and two million spectators.

Seizing this opportunity, the brand deploys in-house out-of-home ads along the marathon route, featuring emotive holiday editorials and sensory phrases. 

Looking ahead, Urban Outfitters plans to extend its "Gifts That Make Sense" campaign to influencers.

Partnering with over 200 creators, the brand will provide curated gift boxes aligned with each sense. This collaborative effort aims to create authentic and relatable content, fostering meaningful connections with customers. 

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