Uncommon Creative Studio Expands to Sweden

Uncommon Creative Studio Expands to Sweden

Published: January 15, 2024

Following its most recent expansion to New York, global marketing agency Uncommon Creative Studio opens its Sweden office today.

Jordan, British Airways and ITV are among the popular brands that Uncommon has worked with.

Located in Stockholm, the branch will be steered by a seasoned trio of creative giants.

Björn Ståhl, the visionary mind behind INGO Stockholm and iconic marketing campaigns like the Swedish Number and Moldy Whopper, has become its chief creative officer, while former CEO of digital haven North Kingdom Mia Berggren became the CEO.

Max Hultberg, who recently ranked second as the world's best art director after winning the Cannes Grand Prix and Black Pencil awards, is also joining the studio as its executive creative director.

"We'll focus on brands that people in the real world are glad exist. These brands are uncommon and they can make a difference like never before,” Stahl said in a statement.

Established in London in 2017, Uncommon Creative Studio was founded by former Grey London executives Natalie Graeme, Lucy Jameson and Nils Leonard.

"Björn, Mia and Max have the perfect balance. They each bring a unique quality and their collective experience is impressive. They see the world the same way we do and match our ambition at Uncommon," Graeme stated.

In July 2023, global advertising giant Havas bought 51% of Uncommon. Founders Graeme, Jameson and Leonard still retain 49% ownership of the creative studio.

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