U.K. MPs Urge Premier League To Cut Down on Gambling Ads

U.K. MPs Urge Premier League To Cut Down on Gambling Ads

News by Nikola Djuric
Published: December 21, 2023

Members of Parliament in the U.K. have called for the Premier League and other sports governing bodies to significantly cut down on the volume of gambling advertisements in stadiums.

The recommendation comes as part of a report aimed at minimizing the exposure of children and vulnerable groups to gambling advertising.

The U.K.'s Culture, Media, and Sport Committee's report on gambling regulation stresses the necessity for the government to adopt a more cautious stance on advertising, surpassing the measures proposed in the Gambling White Paper.

The report acknowledges the voluntary withdrawal of gambling sponsorship from Premier League players' shirts but points out that this measure alone is insufficient in significantly reducing the prevalence of betting adverts during games.

The study highlighted that front-of-shirt gambling branding accounts for a mere 7% of all gambling advertising visible during broadcast matches.

This finding underscores the committee's recommendation for a new code of conduct that limits gambling adverts in stadiums and mandates a greater focus on safer gambling messaging.

"While gambling regulation should not overly impinge on the freedom to enjoy what is a problem-free pastime for the majority, more should be done to shield both children and people who have experienced problem gambling from what often seems like a bombardment of advertising branding at football and other sporting events," noted Dame Caroline Dinenage MP, Chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

Main recommendations include:

  • The government should expedite the implementation of the Gambling White Paper's proposals
  • The Gambling Commission must address the challenge posed by unlicensed gambling sites
  • A re-evaluation of online gambling protections and stake limits is necessary

Previously, the University of Bristol found that nearly 7,000 gambling ads appeared in just six Premier League matches. To achieve this, gambling groups pay the Premier League about £65 million every year.

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