Uber Teens Launches Heartwarming Debut Campaign

Uber Teens Launches Heartwarming Debut Campaign

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: November 17, 2023

Ride-hailing giant Uber just launched the first campaign for its new Uber Teens service.

Made together with creative agency Johannes Leonardo, Uber released a series of 30-second commercials that capture the warmth and essence of the adolescent experience. 

In "Haircut," an adolescent woman attempts to cut her hair all by herself before she makes a mistake.

Quickly, she gets in touch with her mom, who then approves her Uber ride booking to the salon.

Through Uber Teens, the mom was able to track her daughter's location in real-time to ensure her safety — all while she was working mid-shift at the hospital. 

In the commercial "In Love," a young woman spends time with her crush.

She informs her dad she will be watching a movie with her crush at Vista Cinemas, and asks for his permission to hail an Uber ride to Vista Cinemas.

Her dad, supportive, allows his daughter to go on the date, as he continues work at a clothing factory. 

In the last installation "Braces," a father books his son's Uber Teens ride from the dentist, where he just got his braces removed. The kid shows off his fresh new smile to his dad before heading to school.

“We needed something that was going to introduce this kind of life-changing product for parents who really want to be there for every moment of their teenager’s lives,” shared Zoe Kessler, group creative director at Johannes Leonardo.

Introduced in September, Uber Teens allows teenagers to book Uber car rides and order from the service through the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

Parents can set up and add their children's Uber Teens through their app settings. This allows the teens to book from their app and notify their parents whenever they try to make a booking. 

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