Uber Eats Welcomes 'The Kardashians' in New Marketing Campaign

Uber Eats Welcomes 'The Kardashians' in New Marketing Campaign

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: January 17, 2023

Roy Morgan Research reveals that Uber Eats is used by 3.5 million Australians, up from 2.3 million in 2020. The food-delivery company is confirming its star status with a new campaign starring local and global celebrities, including none other than Kris and Kendall Jenner.

Launched in 2016, Uber Eats’ expanded delivery marks the beginning of a new marketing campaign in its branding journey with the slogan “Get almost almost anything,” a playful tease on the items that are not available via Uber Eats, while focusing on what the new and expanded delivery can offer.

Kendall frowns as Kris smiles holding green bag with Uber Eats logo
(Source: Uber Eats)

“While takeaway food will remain a hallmark, as our selection deepens and evolves, we believe it's time for a new brand platform to capture that. Get almost, almost anything absolutely does that job for us," stated Andy Morley, director of marketing at Uber ANZ.

Two famous Kardashians even made an appearance in an attempt to bring additional social media attention to the campaign. Kendall Jenner cracks a joke referencing her hilarious cucumber-cutting scene in “The Kardashians,” asking her mother Kris to get her something that is “easier to cut.”

The self-deprecating humor and celebrity cameos are a recognizable part of Uber Eats advertising campaigns and this one is no exception. The short was created by the independent creative company Special Group in collaboration with Hello Social and MediaCom.

“Being confident enough to discuss what you can't do is a great way to create entertaining cut-through about what you can do, particularly when it's a huge new diverse offering. It delivers the message but also makes fun of all the over promises that marketing is constantly guilty of,” explained Julian Schreiber, COO and Partner of Special.

Whether located in Australia or anywhere in the world, a word about the Kardashians appearing in an Uber Eats ad is sure to spread far and wide, marking the perfect beginning of a new marketing campaign.

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