Typeface Could Be a New Chapter in Generative AI Content

Typeface Could Be a New Chapter in Generative AI Content

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: February 28, 2023

Generative AI startup Typeface is already showing signs of great success. It emerges from stealth with $65 million in funding, with investors including Google Ventures and Microsoft’s Venture Capital Fund. 

Founded by Abhay Parasnis, Adobe’s former Chief Technology Officer, the tech solution helps businesses and brands manage applications of generative artificial intelligenceTypeface’s core service is a program for AI-assisted content creation, such as captions, blog posts, images, a variety of copy and emails. Companies can then edit the AI-created content to their liking.

With the customers’ permission, the solution can use existing assets from third-party apps to create more accurate content in line with brand valuesAdditionally, templates allow for detailed personalization, from the tone of voice and demographic to colour palettes and design briefs. 

However, what differentiates Typeface on the AI market is the brand safety that it offers to customers. The "authenticity check" features, plagiarism detectors and company ownership of produced content tackle some of the biggest concerns when it comes to AI-generated content, ensuring popularity even before the startup solution’s official release. 

Considering Google and Microsoft’s investment in the startup, Typeface’s launch indicates that the approach of the AI marker’s most successful period yet. With Big Tech increasingly turning to AI-powered tools for internal workflow, it is no surprise that there is already a waitlist for the AI startup’s tools. 

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