Twitter Leans Toward Video Format With Upcoming App for Smart TVs

Twitter Leans Toward Video Format With Upcoming App for Smart TVs

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: June 19, 2023

Elon Musk continues to hint at Twitter’s plans to shift to video.  

The previous CEO of Twitter responded to a remark from a follower suggesting that the platform should create a Twitter video app for smart TVs with a cryptic “It’s coming.” 

This information ties into recent news that the vertical video format now accounts for more than 10% of time spent on Twitter, a detail that was revealed during last week’s investor presentation by Elon Musk and newly appointed CEO Linda Yaccarino. 

It also follows the integration of new video-related features, such as allowing users to download videos straight from the app.

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While Yaccarino's arrival at Twitter suggests the importance of the company’s investment in digital advertising, both Yaccarino and Musk addressed the social media platform’s plans to focus on video, creator, and commerce partnerships for future success. 

During the presentation, which was also the CEO’s first since she began, Yaccarino confirmed to Twitter investors that the company was in conversation with political and entertainment figures, as well as media publishers, about possible partnerships.  

One such example is the recent launch of “Tucker on Twitter,” a show on the platform hosted by the former Fox News television host Tucker Carlson.  

In a shift towards Twitter’s recovery following Musk’s acquisition of the platform, the new strategy shift hopes to see ad content being sold alongside exclusive creative content by top agencies and well-known figures. 

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