Twitter Shuts Down Two Out of Three Offices in India

Twitter Shuts Down Two Out of Three Offices in India

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 17, 2023

Following its mass lay-offs last year, Twitter Inc has now ordered the shutdown of two of its offices in India, asking employees to work from home instead. 

According to a Bloomberg report, offices in New Delhi and Mumbai were the two affected by the company order. Meanwhile, the social media platform’s southern tech hub located in Bengaluru continues to operate, housing most of its engineers. 

Over 200 Twitter staff or about 90% of the company’s India-based workforce, were fired late last year. 

Last month, the Musk-lead company also cut off 50 more jobs from its site production division and laid off at least a dozen more employees in Dublin and Singapore, reducing its total headcount to less than 2000.  

These measures are believed to be a part of the company’s cost-cutting efforts as it continues to experience a massive revenue drop with more than 1000 of its top-paying advertisers including Jeep, Coca-Cola and Unilever opting out of the platform. 

Last Wednesday during the World Government Summit in Dubai, Elon Musk had also expressed his interest in finding a replacement CEO by the end of the year, or once it is in a “stable position.” 

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