Twitter Updates Advertising Policies To Make Space for Cannabis Industry

Twitter Updates Advertising Policies To Make Space for Cannabis Industry

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: February 16, 2023

Twitter has become the first social media platform to allow cannabis ads to run on its platform. Advertising policies were updated yesterday, making this move the biggest one yet by any tech company regarding cannabis advertising in the U.S.

It is important to note that ads being run on the platform will be following a detailed policy. Namely, Twitter does not allow the promotion or sale of cannabis. Instead, it allows the promotion of brands and informational cannabis-related content, as well as the sale of topical (non-ingestible) hemp-derived CBD products.

Additionally, Twitter only accepts advertisers that have been pre-authorized and licensed by proper authorities. Advertisers can only target areas in the U.S. where the promotion of cannabis services and products online is legalized and cannot target Twitter users under the age of 21.

"In the U.S. - one of the most influential markets for cannabis - it is larger than the conversation around topics such as pets, cooking, and golf, as well as food and beverage categories including fast food, coffee, and liquor. Conversation on Twitter reflects where the cannabis industry is currently heading: legislative/policy reform, business development, and community impact,” stated Twitter in a blog post.

Despite Reddit and Meta allowing ads for certain hemp products and Google updating its policy just last month to allow for FDA-approved pharmaceuticals containing CBD, Twitter is differentiating itself by allowing the largest range for advertising cannabis-related products and content. The social media platform has already taken a similarly liberal approach to its policy on gambling.

The updated advertising policy is yet another indication that CEO Elon Musk is scaling back on content restrictions. However, this may prove to be a smart move within the advertising industry, seeing as how the potential to earn big bucks from cannabis-related advertising remains largely untapped on social media platforms.

“As for the impact on the cannabis industry: let's just say we've got high expectations," said Twitter in a comical end to the blog post announcing its policy updates.

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