TOPdesk's New Campaign Makes Tech Pros Monster-Slayers

TOPdesk's New Campaign Makes Tech Pros Monster-Slayers
Published: March 01, 2024

Software company TOPdesk has launched a new advertising campaign "IT Heroes" that takes a unique approach to celebrating tech professionals.

The campaign, developed in collaboration with advertising agency TBWA\NEBOKO and 5 A.M. Studios, features three playful 20-second commercials.

With a creative nod to the dramatic and action-packed style of 1990s toy commercials, each ad showcases an IT professional who transforms into a superhero to defeat a monstrous embodiment of a common tech problem.

The Techtopus of Chaos

The short ad opens with the sound of evil laughter, showing the glowing eyes of the “Techtopus of Chaos” that has captured the IT department.

As hands move the 3D-printed monster and victims trapped in its tentacles cry for help, Marco the Service Desk Slayer" enters, armed with TOPdesk tools, “blinding technopus with the perfect overview.”

After being rescued, the victims start jumping up and down while chanting Marco’s name. Marco is treated as the hero that he is.

The Many-Headed Request

The spot begins with a clock showing 5 p.m.

A sinister voice is then heard saying, “Trying to leave? The many-headed request isn’t going anywhere.”

"Sabine the IT Savior" then arrives to “unleash self-service” with her TOPdesk skills, saving the day and allowing employees to go home on time.

The Systemicus Malfunctius

Systemicus Malfunctius is introduced after it bobs up from a mess of colorful wires.

It’s “a beast formed from connecting too many IT systems.”

It’s a good thing that "Thibauld the Troubleshooter" was there to fix everything with TOPdesk.

“Hello, to continuous service improvements.”

All three spots end with a call to action written in different monster fonts:

“Don’t let IT problems become monsters.”

“TOPdesk is the weapon of choice for those who stop IT problems from becoming monsters by making small, continual service improvements where it matters most,” Clementine Jones, a TOPdesk creative, stated.

Beyond the lighthearted humor and visually engaging 3D-printed monsters, TOPdesk’s "IT Heroes" campaign aims to recognize the often-undervalued contributions of tech professionals.

“It’s all based on a simple tension: we can’t live without IT professionals. Still, they don’t get the recognition they deserve. We wanted to shine a spotlight on them in a way that not only entertains but also highlights their unique skills,” shared Hampus Elfström and Inna Vartazarian, TBWA\NEBOKO creative team members.

“In an industry where most IT service management vendors blend in, we wanted to stand out and honor IT professionals, and what better way than by turning them into heroes?” Jones added.

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