Top 10 Destinations for St. Valentine's Day if You’re a Digital Nomad

Top 10 Destinations for St. Valentine's Day if You’re a Digital Nomad

Published: February 14, 2024
  • Spain takes the top three cities for digital nomads, particularly attributed to its healthcare system and mobility standards. Additionally, the required minimum income is notably low, at just $28,000/year 
  • If housing cost and affordability matter the most, along with safety considerations, Thailand emerges as the top choice. It offers the most affordable dinner for two and doesn't require any income criteria
  • Italy and Greece take the remaining positions, providing a splendid mix of excellent cuisine and romantic environments, but with a higher minimum income requirement. Among the listed destinations, Italy ranks as the most expensive place for a dinner for two

As the world embraces the digital nomad lifestyle, finding the perfect spot to celebrate St. Valentine's Day while not missing out on work becomes a delightful challenge. This period also marks the time when nomads transition from their preferred winter havens to destinations that promise sunnier skies and warmer climes. 

DesignRush analysis evaluated a variety of factors to find the best places to visit in February, considering the weather as favorable during this period. Factors included tax rates, legal obligations, healthcare services, internet availability and cost, and living affordability.

Based on these considerations, we ranked the top 10 cities accordingly:

1. Madrid, Spain

Madrid excels in cultural attractions, city affordability, and high-speed internet, making it an ideal spot for digital nomads. Its political stability and safety add to its appeal, while the healthcare system is among Europe's best. The city's vibrant social scene and romantic settings are the cherries on top. To get a digital nomad visa in Spain you must demonstrate a minimum income of $28,000 annually.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona ranks high for its cultural attractions, ease of finding housing, and excellent mobility within the city. The cost of living is balanced by the city's lifestyle quality, internet infrastructure, and healthcare services. Political stability and safety are also strong points for this Catalan gem.

3. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain

For those seeking a warm Valentine's Day, Las Palmas offers sunny beaches and an inviting climate in February. The city is not just a beach haven but also a growing hotspot for digital nomads, thanks to its surf-friendly shores and an abundance of beachside coworking spaces. Couples can enjoy leisurely cafe visits or take up surfing lessons together, blending adventure with their romantic getaway.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon's historic charm and scenic vistas create a picturesque backdrop for romance. Take a vintage tram ride up the narrow streets to a viewpoint overlooking the city and let the romantic ambiance of Lisbon take over. The city is also known for its dynamic coworking scene, making it an ideal spot for nomadic couples who seek a blend of work and pleasure amidst cobblestone streets and colorful buildings. Applicants for a Digital Nomad Visa must earn at least $42,000/year to reside and work in this country.

5. Bari, Italy

Nestled on the Adriatic coast, Bari offers a unique blend of Italian charm and seaside romance. Explore the old town's narrow streets, indulge in fresh seafood by the waterfront, and find inspiration in coworking spaces housed within historic buildings. Bari's laid-back atmosphere is perfect for couples looking to slow down and savor each moment together. If you consider moving to Italy, consider that the Digital Nomad Visa requires candidates to demonstrate a minimum monthly income of no less than $32,000.

6. Bologna, Italy

Bologna, the culinary heart of Italy, serves as a feast for the senses. Its rich food scene provides an intimate setting for couples to explore flavors and create memories. The city's academic and cultural vibrancy is reflected in its coworking spaces, which cater to a community of creative and intellectual nomads. Enjoying a meal together in one of Bologna's traditional osterias is a must-do experience, but remember, it's the most expensive destination for a dinner for two among the top 10 places.

7. Rome, Italy

Rome's timeless beauty and historical grandeur offer a romantic setting like no other. Imagine exchanging kisses under the moonlight at the Colosseum or weaving through the city's streets on a Vespa. Rome offers plenty of coworking spaces even in the old historical part of the city, allowing couples to immerse themselves in history while staying connected to their modern-day tasks.

8. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a haven for nomads seeking tranquility and inspiration. The city's temples and serene landscapes offer a peaceful retreat, while the vibrant Lantern Festival adds a magical touch to St. Valentine's Day. With its affordable living, strong internet, and supportive expat community, Chiang Mai is perfect for couples looking for a more exotic place. It also ranks as the least expensive for a dinner for two among the top 10 places. The Thai Elite Visa is the optimal choice for digital nomads, primarily due to its lack of income prerequisites. On the other hand, nomads with a substantial income of more than $80,000 per year may consider the Long-Term Resident (LTR) visa as a viable option.

9. Athens, Greece

Athens combines ancient history with a lively modern culture, making it a fascinating destination for couples. Watch the sunset from the Acropolis, then explore the city's dynamic neighborhoods. Numerous work-friendly cafes and spaces support the growing digital nomad scene, allowing couples to discover history by day and foster their careers by night. When applying for a Greece Digital Nomad Visa (DNV), remote workers are required to demonstrate that they fulfill the financial criteria, which amounts to a minimum of $42,000/year.

10. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok's energetic pulse provides an exciting backdrop for romantic adventures. From rooftop bars overlooking the cityscape to tranquil cruises on the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok offers endless opportunities for love to bloom. The city's digital nomad community thrives in its coworking spaces, offering a perfect blend of work, leisure, and romance.

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Choosing a destination for St. Valentine's Day as a digital nomad involves more than just finding a picturesque setting; it's about discovering a place where love, work, and adventure intersect.

"In an era where work and life seamlessly intertwine, digital nomads have the unique opportunity to redefine romance by merging their love for travel with the necessity of staying connected. The top destinations for St. Valentine's Day are about the quality of life which is one of the most important things for those living a nomadic lifestyle,” said Gianluca Ferrugia, General Manager at DesignRush. 

What's Our Methodology?

The scoring methodology involves initially collecting raw data encompassing a range of factors, including tax rates, legal obligations, healthcare services, internet availability, cost, and living affordability.

The data was then standardized by calculating Z-scores for each metric and normalizing these scores to a 50-100 scale for comparability. Following standardization, weights are assigned to each metric reflecting its importance, and a weighted average for each location is calculated by multiplying each normalized score by its respective weight.

The locations are then ranked based on their final scores, with higher scores indicating a more favorable assessment based on the combined factors and filtered out the most romantic places by their frequency of occurrence in article rankings.

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