Tinder Celebrates 10 Years of Swipes With First-Ever Global Campaign

Tinder Celebrates 10 Years of Swipes With First-Ever Global Campaign

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: March 01, 2023

Tinder is celebrating 10 years since its first swipe in a first-time global campaign titled “It Starts with A Swipe,” targeting Gen Z daters. 

Shot by French hybrid photo-digital artist Pol Kurucz, the campaign showcases a series of vibrant scenes representing everything that can come from a Tinder swipe.  

From leaving a toothbrush at their place for the first time to comfortable silence in a newfound friendship, “It Starts with A Swipe” presents the meaning of Tinder today in what could be dubbed a collection of modern-day fairytales. 

“Tinder invented the swipe gesture 10 years ago and it completely transformed the way that people date. It's led to so many beautiful relationships of all kinds. And so this campaign really highlights a lot of the micro milestones and relationships that come just from one simple swipe,” said Steph Danzi, SVP and Global Head of Marketing at Tinder. 

The creative agencies behind the campaign made it a priority to accurately depict the Gen Z Tinder demographic, with a largely female population, people of colour and members of the LGBTQIA+ population.  

Additionally, “It Starts with A Swipe” will be something of a rebrand for the dating app. In an attempt to dispel the idea that Tinder is simply for hook-ups, the campaign addresses how Gen Z daters define dating today.  

The dating app’s market research shows that a long-term relationship is a number one priority among Tinder members and that for 56% of young daters the term "hook-up" is outdated.

“The stories, the colours, the diversity of sets, characters and interactions seen in the campaign are a visual allegory to the infinite possibilities a match can create,” explained Kuruz.  

The campaign will be launched in the U.S. and Europe this week and will expand into South America, Asia and Australia later this year. It will include streaming platforms, social media and OOH advertising everywhere from “the New York subway and on the Berlin train.” 

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