TikTok's New Performance Marketing System Maximizes App for Brands

TikTok's New Performance Marketing System Maximizes App for Brands

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: May 11, 2023

The introduction of TikTok’s Smart Performance Campaigns may be the marketing push to bring the app back to widespread popularity in the U.S.  

TikTok’s first automated campaign solution aims to make the most of the platform’s potential for brands looking to maximize their digital marketing efforts.  

In the words of the company itself, the machine learning solution is going to “maximize your delivery outcomes with less manual input required from your side." All that is left for brands to do is get creative with content. 

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The new Smart Performance Campaigns system offers multiple features for users to take advantage of. 

  • Timesaving: with the help of automated targeting, real-time optimization, and comprehensive performance reports with key metrics and insights, the implementation of Smart Performance Campaigns hopes to save brands time by designing an ideal marketing combination to achieve their goals 
  • Performance: according to TikTok’s research during the Smart Performance Campaigns early testing stage, the new system outperforms a traditional campaign setup up to 80% of the time 
  • Availability: all campaign types are supported on TikTok’s Android traffic. with the announcement of more platforms to come 
  • Optimization: the newly implemented system allows users to set specific campaign objectives, such as driving website traffic or a conversion target. This is where TikTok’s implementation of machine learning comes in, utilizing the app to achieve maximum ad delivery  

Although the app has recently had its fair share of controversy in the U.S.TikTok’s potential as a lucrative advertising business has continued to grow. The past year has seen great success for TikTok advertising, with a significant increase of 200% of 2022reaching a total of $11.04 billion.  

The release of TikTok’s Smart Performance Campaigns builds on this growth, offering lucrative opportunities for companies and brands to make the most of the app. 

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