TikTok to Shut Down BeReal-Like App ‘Tiktok Now’

TikTok to Shut Down BeReal-Like App ‘Tiktok Now’

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: June 27, 2023

Video-sharing platform TikTok is shutting down “TikTok Now,” its BeReal-Like service that allows users to share posts daily.  

Several users of the app have reported receiving a notification informing them of the closure. “We’re updating the TikTok experience and are discontinuing TikTok Now,” the notification wrote. 

“We encourage you to continue sharing your creativity on TikTok through captivating videos, photos, and stories. Thank you for being part of the community!” 

TikTok Now was launched in September of 2022 as a way for users to foster “authentic and spontaneous connections on TikTok.”  

It prompted users to share life moments by snapping pictures using the front and back camera of their phone once a day. In addition to photos, the mobile app also supported video posts up to 10-seconds-long.  

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While TikTok Now was launched as an in-app feature for TikTok in the U.S., it was also aired as a standalone mobile app in other countries worldwide. 

The platform also came at a time when BeReal, the social media app with near identical features and functions, was at the height of its popularity.  

Aside from daily prompts, BeReal also showed users the number of times a “BeReal moment” was taken, and how late a person has posted.  

Since then, the app’s social media statistics according to third-party data reveal it experienced a drastic decrease in popularity, with daily active users dropping from 15 million to 6 million (around 61%) from October 2022 to March 2023.  

Major social media platforms have since mimicked BeReal’s features.  

Last December, Meta’s Instagram tested out a new Candid Story feature that allowed users to post stories of pictures using the front and back camera that other users can only view if they posted a Candid Story as well.

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