TikTok Content on Display at Fuel Stations Nationwide Through Partnership with GSTV

TikTok Content on Display at Fuel Stations Nationwide Through Partnership with GSTV

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: June 12, 2023

TikTok is expanding beyond smartphone screens through a partnership with GSTV, a nation video network for fuel stations.  

The network’s creative studio Ignite will curate weekly TikTok 20-second content programs which will include QR codes that lead to the app, as well as the hashtag #ISawItOnGSTV to spread the word across social media channels. 

"At GSTV, we're always looking to entertain our viewers in new ways. TikTok has proven immensely popular, boasting a highly engaged U.S. audience," stated Violeta Ivezaj, the senior vice president of business operations at GSTV.  

The curated TikTok content will run alongside GSTV personalized creator content at fuel stations all around the country, broadening the reach of both companies.  

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"With our mission to inspire creativity and bring joy, TikTok has become the platform that people turn to experience entertainment throughout their day,” said Dan Page, the head of global distribution at New Screens, TikTok. 

“Through our partnership with GSTV, we are excited to expand that experience to new spaces and audiences, bringing more opportunities for people to enjoy the content they love," added Page.  

The partnership could also prove to have great advertising potential, with clients looking to reach potential consumers that are “on the go.” 

As TikTok faces the possibility of bans across the U.S.its partnership with GSTV proves that the video content app owned by Byte maintains its popularity despite existing controversy over links to China. 

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