TikTok's New Program Brings Brands and Effect Creators Together

TikTok's New Program Brings Brands and Effect Creators Together

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: March 29, 2023

TikTok is making it easier for brands and TikTok effect creators to work together and create marketing campaigns with “Effect House Branded Effects.”  

According to the video streaming platform, its latest program is a “new solution that allows brands to work directly with TikTok effect creators to produce custom Branded Effects.” 

Branded Effects are customized AR experiences sponsored by businesses. They can be customized with brand elements, calls-to-action and custom audience targeting that cater to their specific campaigns.  

By allowing brands to work with the platform’s top effect creators at Effect House, they can leverage the big impact effect creators make with their effects, giving them connection, engagement, conversion and control over key performance features.  

TikTok explained that the new feature will differ from Community Effects, as Branded Effects allow brands to boost their content, have control over brand safe pinned videos on the effect page and the ability to place their effects on the ‘Trending’ tab effect panel to drive visibility.  

"We’ve seen brands use effects on TikTok in all kinds of creative ways to reach new audiences, share stories, and build community,” explained Greg Feingold, the Community Lead of Effect House. "By working with top Effect House creators to create effects, brands can further harness the creativity and authenticity of the TikTok community.” 

Among the brands working who have utilized Effect House are Microsoft 365 and their agency Superdigital. In partnership with the platform’s top effect makers, the tech giant created the WordArtYou filter that upon launch has generated over 126k videos and millions of views across TikTok. 

Other companies that have utilized the new service include Samsung, Netflix, and Universal Pictures. As AR technology evolves, it's clear that augmented reality vendors who can master this blend of creativity and analytics will be shaping the next frontier in digital advertising.

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