TikTok's Chief Operating Officer Steps Down After 5 Years to Follow Passions

TikTok's Chief Operating Officer Steps Down After 5 Years to Follow Passions

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: June 23, 2023

TikTok Chief Operating Officer V Pappas announced in a tweet their plans to step down from their role after five years with the company. 

Following their departure, Pappas, who uses gender-neutral pronouns, said they will pursue their entrepreneurial passions because it is finally the right time.  

“It has been an exhilarating ride with so many celebratory milestones, moments and industry firsts,” Pappas added. 

Throughout their stay at TikTok, Pappas worked on several projects in support of social media content creators such as “culture of credit” and “visionary voices” — two initiatives that they felt were their most rewarding work. 

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Pappas also played a pivotal role in launching TikTok’s Content Advisory Council, Transparency Centers, as well as APIs (application programming interface) for researchers. 

With the resignation, Pappas will take on an advisory role in the video platform company for a smooth turnover.  

“I know the company has a very bright and stable future under the strong leadership of Shou Chew and our executive team. I will be here to support him, the leadership team, and all of you during this transition,” Pappas explained. 

On the same day of the announcement, the social media giant also hired former Disney executive Zenia Mucha to take on the newly created role of TikTok’s chief brand and communications officer. Earlier this year, Mucha took part in the team that helped TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew face congress in light of a potential U.S. ban. 

Meanwhile, TikTok’s Chief of Staff Adam Presser has been promoted to head of operations.

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