The New Tiffany & Co. Campaign Gives Us 'Old Money' Vibes

The New Tiffany & Co. Campaign Gives Us 'Old Money' Vibes
News by Vianca Meyer
Published: March 26, 2024

In a move that breaks away from the glitzy world of celeb endorsements, Tiffany & Co. has launched its latest ad campaign, 'With Love, Since 1837,' with not a star in sight — apart from the diamond shimmers, of course.

Instead, the spotlight shines on the craftsmanship and stories behind its iconic jewelry collections, including Lock, T, Knot, HardWear, Sixteen Stone, and the Tiffany Setting.

Promo image from the 'With Love, Since 1837' campaign, featuring mannequin hands and diamond ring in the center
'With Love, Since 1837' Campaign, Diamond Ring 
Source: Dan Tobin Smith

The campaign pays homage to Gene Moore, the legendary window designer whose imaginative displays have graced Tiffany's storefronts since the late 20th century.

"The ads are inspired by famous Tiffany & Co. window designer Gene Moore showcasing 'the untold stories' of some of the brand's biggest collections," says the jeweler, emphasizing a return to the artistry that has long defined Tiffany's legacy.

Still from the Dan Toban Smith Tiffany's 'With Love, Since 1837' campaign video
'With Love, Since 1837' Campaign, Video Still 
Source: Dan Tobin Smith

Captured through the eyes of renowned photographer Dan Tobin Smith and award-winning set designer Rachel Thomas, the campaign brings to life the detailed and dramatic visual craftsmanship of Tiffany's collections.

The avant-garde use of scale models, animated projections, and smoke effects to create clouds showcases the brand's dedication to creativity and excellence.

"The effects come courtesy of complex and intricate illusions caught on camera," Tiffany & Co. reveals, highlighting the meticulous planning and execution behind the scenes.

Image of the Tiffany's bracelet from the 'With Love, Since 1837' campaign
'With Love, Since 1837' Campaign, Bracelet 
Source: Dan Tobin Smith

Tiffany & Co.'s partnership with TBWA\Chiat\Day LA in creating the campaign highlights a shared commitment to celebrating the brand's rich heritage through a contemporary lens.

As the campaign unfolds across digital and print platforms, it invites viewers to explore the stories and craftsmanship that have cemented Tiffany's place in the world of luxury jewelry.

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