Tiago Ribeiro on Where AI Is Headed in Marketing

Tiago Ribeiro on Where AI Is Headed in Marketing

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: May 28, 2023

As the popularity of artificial intelligence has grown, so has the way it is being used across all industries, including those largely dominated by creatives and strategists, such as in marketing. 

Brazilian marketer and Spotlight contributor Tiago Ribeiro offers unique insights into the role of AI in marketing today, and whether ChatGPT has transformed his approach to work. 

“We may be entering into a cycle of exaggerated ‘hype’ where the perception regarding AI may not actually correspond to reality,” warns Ribeiro, suggesting that it is too early to tell how artificial intelligence will be utilized on a day-to-day basis. 

Although Tiago himself uses ChatGPT in his business endeavours, he claims that the software still needs significant improvement before it can be fully assimilated. “My conclusion so far, looking at ChatGPT as a tool to be used in the business world, is that this technology will need some improvements before it can be used in a more assertive manner,” he explained. 

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Instead, Ribeiro reminds marketing professionals that there are other AI-tools that are just as useful, such as NetBase Quid, Albert.ai, and Answer The Public.  

Although he believes only time will tell what AI tools will remain productive long-term, Ribeiro insists that in the daily lives of marketing professionals “it’s clear that AI is here to stay.” Simultaneously, the marketer estimates that large companies such as WPP, Unilever, and Meta should already be developing their own AI tools to ensure that they are a few steps ahead of competition. 

“Artificial intelligence is probably the most powerful tool available to humans. We need to create laws to regulate its use and proceed with great care, diligence and strategy,” concludes Ribeiro.  

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