The Sims Celebrates Creators with Pass the Spark Film

The Sims Celebrates Creators with Pass the Spark Film
Published: November 16, 2022

The Sims video game is celebrating 22 years of sparking creativity in gamers with a new film titled “Pass the Spark.” The Electronic Arts (EA) Games creation is putting the iconic Plumbob, a diamond-shaped representation of the in-game character’s mood, as the star of this new video.

The new brand platform “Spark Something,” which is the company’s “commitment to ignite imaginations and creativity both within our community and beyond,” uses the Plumbob design element to show how creatives can influence and inspire one another. They spread the creative spark among each other and spread it to other players in a similar fashion.

The campaign officially launched on November 15 with the release of “Pass the Spark” on The Sims Instagram page.

Anitta, a famous Brazilian pop star, makes an appearance throughout the film -- first as an inhabitant of a Sims-a-like dollhouse, and then as the first character to spread inspiration and “spark something” in her community.

As she spreads joy, inspiration and creativity around town, she reminds the viewers of everyone’s hidden creative potential.

“We recognize that the creativity of The Sims community is so much bigger than what they make in The Sims—it’s who they become and who they are inspired by outside of our game as well,” said Julia Victor, The Sims head of brand.

“’Spark Something’ is our commitment to unlocking the creative potential we all have, and this film is our first love letter to the community we strive to serve. It is the first time we are introducing our plumbob as the new lightbulb—a symbol for the moment a new idea sparks.”

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Besides Anitta, fans will also see other famous creatives in the video. These include Alok, a non-binary writer and performer; Magnet, a queer creative who makes vibrant cakes with playful floral elements; and Bob’s Dance Shop, an entertainment group combining dance, music and fashion to spread joy and encourage self-expression.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real Sims video if characters weren’t able to speed up and slow down as they go about their days being creative.

To top it all off, the characters appearing in the “Pass the Spark” film are speaking Simlish, a fictional language that is the brainchild of EA Games first featured in 1996.

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