The Gym Group Highlights Convenience In New Ad Series

The Gym Group Highlights Convenience In New Ad Series

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 04, 2024

Fitness company The Gym Group just launched a series of spots with one clear message: that a Gym Group is just around the corner. 

Aside from low costs, the brand understands that fitness goals are more attainable when a gym group is nearby.

In the 20-second spot "Couch Press," a man tries to eat cereal out of his bowl but cannot eat in peace due to his couch swinging back and forth. As the camera zooms out, it is revealed that his partner is doing leg presses on the other side of the couch.

The spot ends by introducing viewers to the Gym Group that's just around the corner, along with an invitation to join for as low as €13.99 a month. 

In "Shed Cycle," a woman uses her sister's static bicycle stored in a garden shed. Her sister walks in on her to her embarassment, who silently walks out right after. 

"Stairmaster" shows a man using his stairs to get a cardio work out in, until his roommate steps out and rolls his eyes at him.

In the final spot "Shopping Bags," a man uses his grocery purchases as makeshift weights, as he does lunges from his car on the way to his house. Before he reaches his destination, his shopping bags give up, and drops his groceries on the floor. 

Amy Binns, Head of Marketing Communications for The Gym Group, explained the idea behind the campaign, saying “This hyper-local campaign is all about demonstrating how we break down barriers to fitness and offer exactly what people care about when it comes to choosing a great value, high quality, and conveniently located gym."

Meanwhile, DEPT Creative Director Bel Moretti, believes the month of January comes with its fair share of problems, and Gym Group is looking to be the solution. 

"Well, this is one of those wonderful times you discover you’ve been sitting on what your audience wants all along. Good quality, low cost and extremely close by – So it makes sense to just say it over and over and over again," she concluded.

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