Tesla Robot Attacked an Engineer at Texas Gigafactory

Tesla Robot Attacked an Engineer at Texas Gigafactory

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: December 27, 2023

In a disturbing incident at Tesla's Giga Texas factory, a robot malfunctioned and attacked an engineer back in 2021.

The injury report filed to Travis County, reported by the Daily Mail paper on Wednesday, details how the robot, designed for handling aluminum car parts, aggressively pinned and injured the engineer, causing a significant "trail of blood."

While the injured engineer didn't require time off, Hannah Alexander of the Workers Defense Project suggests a broader issue of underreported injuries at the facility.

"The number of injuries suffered at the factory is going underreported," Alexander stated, raising questions about Tesla's transparency in safety reporting.

This incident brings into sharp focus the safety concerns surrounding automated robots in industrial environments.

Reports of similar incidents in different industries, like Amazon shipment centers, add to the growing debate over the safe integration of these technologies.

While the incident at Tesla’s Texas factory is no laughing matter, one cannot help but jest should we be gearing up for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator comeback?!

A humorous thought, of course, but it does highlight the growing importance of balancing innovation with safety in our rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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