Tesla Shows What 'Optimus 2' Can Do

Tesla Shows What 'Optimus 2' Can Do

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 14, 2023

Tesla just unveiled "Optimus 2," the second iteration of its humanoid robot, and the latest prototype that displays considerable advancements in the field of robotics.

In a demo video, Tesla displays its previous robot creations such as "Bumblebee," which was revealed last September 2022, and the first version of Optimus, which was introduced to the public in early March. 

Finally, the video introduces the star of the show, "Optimus Gen 2."

More Human Than Before

Optimus Gen 2 boasts several notable features that solve initial concerns of shaky movements and slumping displayed by previous robots.

These include Tesla-designed actuators and sensors, a 2-DoF (degrees of freedom) actuated neck, integrated electronics and harnessing in actuators, and a 30% boost in walk speed.

The new humanoid robot boasts foot force torque sensing, articulated toe sections and human foot geometry. Optimus 2 has also undergone a 10 kg weight reduction compared to its previous version, enhancing its balance and full-body control.

One of the video's highlights is Optimus Gen 2 demonstrating tasks such as walking, crouching, delicately manipulating eggs without breaking them and waving its arms.

It showcases faster, 11-DoF brand-new hands with tactile sensing on all fingers, enabling it to manipulate delicate objects like holding an egg.

Though impressive, viewers approach the demo with a degree of skepticism, considering a recent incident where Google manipulated an AI demonstration for marketing purposes.

However, Tesla Senior Staff Software Engineer Julian Ibarz emphasized the authenticity of the showcased capabilities. 

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, envisions the humanoid robot as a replacement for human labor in various applications. Optimus 2 is designed to have a similar shape and size as humans to seamlessly substitute human workers.

Despite the promising developments, Optimus Gen 2 remains a non-production prototype.

Its timeline for potential human labor replacement remains uncertain, and Tesla has yet to announce when the model will be available for public use.

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