Taco Bell’s New TV Commercial Features Punk Band ‘Meet Me @ The Altar'

Taco Bell’s New TV Commercial Features Punk Band ‘Meet Me @ The Altar'

News by Joanna Nodado
Published: March 02, 2023

American fast-food restaurant, Taco Bell, continues its "rock and pop bangers" branding strategy with its latest video commercial featuring the fast-rising pop-punk band, Meet Me @ The Altar.

The new ad promoting the fast food giant's $2 grilled chicken burrito deal started airing over the Christmas holiday weekend and was soundtracked by ‘Say It (To My Face),’ a song by Meet Me @ The Altar.

The pop-punk band promoted the ad on their social media on Christmas Day, saying it was their "first TV commercial" and thanked Taco Bell for the opportunity will all-caps appeal to their fans "LIVE MAS & ROCK ON."

The ad sees two people flying their drones by a desert cliffside, where they used a Taco Bell app to order a grilled chicken burrito meal. The song "Say It" starts playing when the burritos are made, then delivered to the men on a cliff by someone riding a motorbike. This video ad strategy would suggest that you can always get a Taco Bell wherever you are.

In October this year, the company featured another punk band, Turnstile, and its song "Holiday" for Taco Bell's Nacho Fries advertisement.

"Music has long been a part of the Taco Bell DNA," said Tim Bergevin, Taco Bell’s Vice President of Influencer and Community Marketing.

"Supporting artists of all genres has been of the utmost importance to Taco Bell through the Feed The Beat program since its inception. We’re excited to highlight an artist like Turnstile, who creating such a unique sonic landscape. When you hear the riff in ‘Holiday,’ it immediately grabs your attention." Jon Landman of Taco Bell’s Music Agency, The Syndicate, added.

Check out Taco Bell's $2 Grilled Chicken Burrito Ad featuring Meet Me @ the Altar below:

Meet Me @ The Altar features the Florida-based trio—Edith Johnson [vocals], Téa Campbell [guitar], and Ada Juarez [drums]. The band is known to present a new musical and cultural paradigm for pop punk.

Check out the song featured in the Taco Bell ad below:

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