Tabasco Spices Up Its Branding with a Logo Redesign

Tabasco Spices Up Its Branding with a Logo Redesign

Published: September 26, 2022

Earlier this month, Tabasco unveiled a spicy redesign that is as appetizing as it is innovative. The company that traces its roots back to 1868 Louisiana is not new to redesigns. Still, none of the previous attempts at logo have been nearly as successful or sweeping as the latest reinvention.

For this undertaking, Tabasco put their trust in the New York creative agency Mrs&Mr. They needed a redesign that was unlike all others.

Tabasco wanted a new look that would stand out not just from their previous lineup but also from all the competitors. They didn’t want the ubiquitous themes and tropes such as infernal flames blazing across the bottle, Michael Bay-esque explosions, or thunder and lightning unnecessarily streaking left and right.

Mrs&Mr delivered on the promise of different.

Tabasco logo deisgn
[Source: Mrs&Mr]
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They decided on halftones and oversimplifications of the design that almost comes off as hand-drawn. The typography has also changed to emphasize stronger and bolder letters.

What hasn’t changed is the iconic bottle and the diamond-shaped logo. After all, these are the most recognizable elements of the brand's visual identity and have survived many redesigns. It just wouldn’t be Tabasco without them. The logo underwent a minor change in that the staple “Made in America” label was replaced with the new brand moniker: Light Things Up! Mrs&Mr went a step further and streamlined the Tabasco design across all channels and mediums. This is the first time such a major undertaking has occurred in the entirety of Tabasco’s history.

The creative agency gave Tabasco its first real visual identity, matching the design of the logo with the one found on menus and advertisements across the globe.

Although we have yet to see how the fresh illustrations and graphical elements will resonate with Tabasco’s loyal customer base from all over the world. One thing is for sure — few condiments match Tabasco’s raw quality.

Brand redesign or not, it will remain a spicy staple delicacy that few remain indifferent to and many hold in the highest regard.

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