StreetEasy Launches Dramatic Home Search Art Series

StreetEasy Launches Dramatic Home Search Art Series

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 04, 2024

Zillow's StreetEasy service has launched an innovative campaign, titled "Let the Journey Begin," designed to capture the complexity of home hunting in New York City.

Partnering with Mother New York and design agency Buck, the campaign features seven striking pieces of art reminiscent of Renaissance paintings.

The campaign aims to engage both current renters and prospective buyers, inviting them to embark on the emotional rollercoaster of home ownership in New York City.

Streeteasy's Campaign
'Chelsea' Art | Source: Streeteasy

The paintings depict various modern housing dilemmas faced by New Yorkers, such as the decision to renew a lease, become a landlord, or explore different boroughs for housing options.

Each artwork is intricately detailed and includes subtle references to local culture, providing relevant visual narratives to viewers.

Bridget Sullivan, head of integrated marketing at StreetEasy, explained the rationale behind the campaign:

"The process of buying a home anywhere — but especially in NYC — is intensely emotional and filled with many ups and downs."

'Greenpoint' Art | Source: Streeteasy

The seven ads break down the home-buying journey into three parts: getting ready, taking action, and finalizing the deal.

They include hidden references familiar only to New Yorkers, like Leh-Boy in “The Couple Concedes” and a “Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar” flyer in “New Yorker Basks.” 

Jason Ferguson, Streeteasy's creative director, expounded further by explaining the use of Renaissance-style paintings. 

"No artistic style more accurately captures the complexity of this journey than Renaissance style painting, which is known for its masterful use of light and shadow to capture drama and evoke intense emotion."

"We’re mixing old world with new in a way that’s ultimately deeply reflective of life — and real estate — in New York," he added.

'Forest Hills' Art | Source: StreetEasy

The campaign is being promoted across multiple digital platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, and YouTube, ensuring widespread visibility.

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Ads will also be displayed in MTA subway cars and taxi stops throughout the city.

In April, commuters can expect to see ads at the Broadway-Lafayette subway stop, as well as hand-painted murals in Williamsburg and Nolita.

Nedal Ahmed, executive creative director at Mother, shared insights into the creative process.

"The whole creative process from brief to live was about six months, however, the actual artistic process of creating the paintings was about two months."

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