Stella Artois’ ‘Unfiltered’ Mural Bares All

Stella Artois’ ‘Unfiltered’ Mural Bares All

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: January 06, 2023

Stella Artois bares all.

In a continuation of the company's campaign for Stella Artois’ natural beer “Unfiltered,” the beer brand celebrates authentic and “au natural” living. To mark the “Unfiltered” beer now being available on tap, creative agency Mother London created a vivid mural in the vicinity of the Belgian beer brand’s partnering drinking establishments in the United Kingdom.

Outdoor advertising may feel like a thing of the past when it comes to all the advertising methods being implemented in virtual reality and the metaverse, but Stella Artois’ cheeky ad is a refreshing change of pace.

The artwork depicts a realistically painted man and woman facing each other, each with a beer in hand and wide smiles on their faces. The mural cleverly plays with the existing architecture of the building. Considering that the two people are “au natural”, the building’s windows manage to coincidentally conceal the modesty of the characters.

Mural of two naked people looking at each other with Stella Artois beer in hand
(Source: Mother London)

Leading street art collective Graffiti Life did the artwork for the campaign, which has already begun to go viral on social media for its coy interpretation of Stella Artois’ “Unfiltered” beer.

The first “Unfiltered” campaign in 2022 celebrated the launch of the new beverage and featured an equally raunchy spot depicting nudists enjoying the natural beer. It spanned digital, TV, print and social media channels.

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