Stay 120 Nights at Artotel So You Can ‘Party Like a Rockstar’

Stay 120 Nights at Artotel So You Can ‘Party Like a Rockstar’
Published: March 01, 2024

Artotel Group, an Indonesian arts and lifestyle hotel chain known for its creative hospitality approach, is shaking things up with the launch of its unique loyalty tier “Rockstar Status.”

This loyalty program throws out the rulebook on traditional hotel rewards, offering its most dedicated guests a truly unforgettable experience — a night where absolutely "anything goes."

Just stay 120 nights at any of Artotel’s hotels, or spend a total of $7,230 to reach "Rockstar Status," and you’ll get to “party like a rockstar.”

This first-of-its-kind loyalty tier was launched with a 75-second ad that shows how crazy things can get once "Rockstar Status" is achieved.

“Of all my years in the hospitality line, I’ve yet to see any hotel do something like this. At least, not voluntarily. This hotel membership brings the rockstar in you to life to have fun like never before,” Artotel Group CEO Erastus Radjimin shared.

Rockstar Status: A Night of Limitless Possibilities

The ad opens with visuals and text listing down the usual boring perks people get from a hotel loyalty program: room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, and late check-out.

An equally boring music that will almost lull you to sleep acts to set the mood and the message.

“Hotel loyalty programs always offer the same rewards. We’re not just adding some welcome drinks, we’re adding something different.”

The tone then shifts.

An electric guitar riff signals the drastic change from the mundane to the exciting as a hotel guest kicks the door of a hotel room to introduce the “Rockstar Status” loyalty tier.

“Our most loyal guests get a night on us where anything goes,” the text reads as visuals show guests partying to the extreme.

A crocodile lounges on a hotel bathtub.
Artotel Wanderlust's digital ads highlight a perk of the 'Rockstar Status' | Source: Ogilvy

A man brings his pet crocodile (or alligator?) and lets it swim in the bathtub, while another man rides a motorcycle in the hallway.

A man is being tattooed in a messed-up room, with the chandelier having fallen on the bed.

Then, a receipt is shown with a list of damages and the amount to be paid: $0.

The spot ends with the message, “Your room, your rules,” as a TV falls on the hotel driveway.

The “Rockstar Status” campaign was crafted in collaboration with creative agency Ogilvy Singapore and production house Sauce Universe.

A Legacy of Creative Hospitality: Artotel Wanderlust

The true star of the show is the "anything goes" night. While the specifics remain intentionally shrouded in mystery, Artotel assures guests that their wildest dreams are within reach.

A series of digital ads show hints at what to expect, “free flow drinks all night,” “24-hour in-room entertainment,” “extra guests welcome,” and after-hours pool access.”

A digital print ad shows one of the perks of achieving Rockstar Status at Artotel Wanderlust.
'Rockstar Status' allows you to have access to the pool even after hours | Source: Ogilvy

Artotel Group, established in 2012, is the parent company of Artotel Wanderlust, a collection of design-driven hotels catering to the modern traveler.

The brand has built a reputation for its focus on art, music, and cultural experiences, seamlessly integrated into the guest experience.

This commitment to unconventional hospitality forms the foundation for their latest groundbreaking initiative, the "Rockstar Status" loyalty program.

“As a hotel chain that celebrates creative hospitality, we believe rewarding our loyal guests with a night to fulfill their wildest dreams aligns perfectly with our philosophy. We want them to have an experience that they will never forget,” Radjimin said.

In 2023, Artotel Group acquired Milestone Pacific Hotel Group, expanding its collection of hotel brands to include Maxone, Nite & Day, Zia, Ruma Ruma, Marc, and One of a Kind.

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